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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the man who is charged with murdering a beloved yoga teacher goes before a judge today. all of this as her family and friends the 46-year-old are still trying to come to tricia mccauley's death over the christmas holiday. good afternoon a very sad story to
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mike hydeck. as hillary lane tells us this is not adrian johnson's first brush with police. >> reporter: there are still many unanswered questions in this case. what we do know the suspect 29- year-old adrian johnson of upper marlboro will be here in front of a judge in this courthouse later today. he is facing charges of first- degree murder. >> yes, it has happened to people in the community. >> reporter: today a memorial at bloomingdale grows. in memory of 46-year-old yoga teacher and actress tricia mccauley. >> she was a marvelous person. >> reporter: police arrested adrian johnson in the early morning hours on monday. after police say he strangled mccauley some time between christmas day and december 26. police caught up with him on the 22nd block of m street northwest. he was driving mccauley's car. her body was inside. police do
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one another, but johnson is well known to police. he has been charged with theft, robbery, unlawful entry more than half a dozen times over the past ten years. over the christmas holiday when the crime happened, police should have known exactly where johnson was. when he stole four electric toothbrushes from cbs about two weeks ago he was ordered to be fitted with a monitoring device never showing up. in -- an arrest warrant was not issued. neighbors hope justice is served for tricia. >> track process. >> reporter: now johnson also faces charges for theft and failure to appear in prince george's and montgomery county. all the cases are suspended because he is now facing a first-degree murder charge. many of the people mccauley touched with her kindness have been pointing their hearts out on social media, tweeting my heart is breaking. your talent and beautiful heart will never be forgotten. john wrote tricia mccauley an in
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woman. the world has lost some kindness, rest in peace, my friend. you too can join the conversations, log on to any of our wusa9 social media pages. the family of the missing new jersey woman and her great granddaughter are still searching, they are doing this around the clock, trying to find their two loved ones. the 70-year-old barbara bradley and the 5-year-old lamira were last seen leaving richmond at 6:00 on christmas eve. now barbara last called her loved ones at 8:00 saying she was stuck in traffic in southern virginia. after that all the calls to her went straight to voice mail and nobody has seen or heard from the two of them since. her family says barbara is a retired nj transit driver used to long hours behind the wheel and has never ever failed to call them back. some kind of an electrical problem may have sparked a fire at a plumbing supply company in montgomery county this morning. fire crews shut down the streets between old ge
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road to battle the flames. the neighboring store suffered minor damage. no one was hurt in this. a scary start for residents in an assisted living facility at waldorf. the fire started on the second floor of the complex on village street. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation. fire crews are still trying to find the cause of the fire. and north washington street in alexandria is now open again in both directions following a crash of a box truck early this morning. medics rushed one person to the hospital who is expected to be fine. police are still trying to find out who is at fault in this. always watching always tracking wusa9's first alert weather. at this noon hour on your wednesday, it feels cooler outside than it did yesterday. just a gorgeous look over the capitol right now. 48 degrees in the city. northwest winds still coming in 5 to 10 miles an hour, ringing in the mu
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was like. 46 right now in leesburg and also at 46 degrees in waldorf. that is 43 in frederick. when you take this and look at 24 hours ago verses now, we are feeling a solid 15 to 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday. guess what, it will get colder later this week. cool air mass in place right now, but i'm tracking another front that will arrive tomorrow and that brings in a cold arctic air mass to wrap up the week as we bring 2016 to a close. so this afternoon it's going to be sunny and cool. tomorrow morning -- morning as the next system arrives, the showers will be slowing things down just a bit even though some of you have vacation going on this week. there will be a possibility of a brief wintery mix in some of the northern communities, then it will turn a lot colder later this week. we will be talking about who will feel like the teens later this week. also you can get the forecast by taking
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weather app. the free wusa9 app with you on the go on your smart phone. mike? >> all right, thank you, melissa. president elect donald trump made two more appointments to his team. one is a long-time executive with the trump organization and the other a cybersecurity expert from the george w. bush administration. trump picked his homeland security and counterterrorism advisor may be welcome for republicans. >> there is no doubt in my mind russia hacked into our political systems. >> reporter: the senators believed the president elect will soon have to acknowledge russia's efforts to interfere in the u.s. election. >> i think he will be presented with overwhelming evidence, change his views. >> we're going to put sanctions together that hit putin as an individual and their inner circle. >> reporter: they may have an ally in the trump administration. thomas is the george w. bush alum with an extra piece in cybersecurity. >> if the government doesn't step in. >> reporter: as the
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bossert will be considered equal to the national security advisor, the general michael flynn. according to a statement from the trump transition, he will focus on domestic and transnational security priorities while -- transnational security priorities. >> the time for action is now. >> reporter: following last week's u.n. security council condemnation of their west bank settlement, mr. trump has announced a new international negotiator. jason green a business lawyer who has been with mr. trump for two decades was also a campaign advisor on israel. the president elect said he has a history of negotiating substantial complex transactions on my behalf. something that may appeal to republicans like lindsey graham. >> i'm very encouraged under president trump israel will get a better deal. >> reporter: mr. trump supports more settlement construction for his choice on u.s. ambassador to israel. julianna goldman cbs
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>> the president elect tweeted this morning he has support for israel. he wrote, "we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disrespect. stay strong, january 20 is fast approaching." a short while ago secretary of state john kerry announced a two-state solution is the only way to end generations of violence between israel and the palestinians. this morning's speech at the u.s. state department is already being criticized by some conservatives in israel. tensions between u.s. and israel escalated last week when the u.n. ambassador withstained the vote condemning the settlements in the west bank and eastern jerusalem. the women's march on washington is getting high- profile help. two are joining as co-chairs of the march. planned parenthood federation of america signed on as a partner as well. the march set for january 21 the day after
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organizers say this is not an anti-trump protest. meanwhile our current president continued his visit today. president obama joined japan's prime minister to honor more than 2,000 americans killed in the japanese attack 75 years ago. this was the first joint visit to the memorial. actress and writer carrie fisher is being remembered for more than just what she brought to the big screens, a tiredless advocate for people with mental health concerns. as jay beagle reports, she has done more helping millions of americans by telling her life story. i recognize your foul stench when i was brought on board. >> reporter: the role that made carrie fisher a cultural icon lead to a
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alcohol abuse. >> i don't trust him. >> reporter: when this scene was filmed, fisher told the daily beast she and harrison ford were still drunk. she spoke to charlie rose in 2009. >> i would like to be a good role model. in some of the ways i'm a good role model of whatnot to do, which would be pills, etc. >> reporter: she wrote about her parting ways like postcards. >> i'm in rehab. >> reporter: becoming a movie starring meryl streep and her show wishful drinking. >> if i could isolate the pain it would be fantastic. >> reporter: she alsodisclosed she had body disimmure dis-- dismorphia weighing 105 pounds, but was told to lose 10 more. >> it's huat
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you can't get out. >> and the final column, she gave this advice to someone bipolar, think of it as an opportunity to be heroic, an opportunity to be a good example to others who might share our disorder. cbs news new york. scandal, scams, and a soaring stock market. straight ahead we look at how big business is in 2016. it was a big risk. wait until you see what a teenager did when a robber pulled a gun on
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whfight back fastts,
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the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums welcome back a teenage convenience store clerk in new jersey stands up to an armed robber and the whole thing is caught on surveillance video monday night. this band of storms showed a 17- year-old had a gun in a plastic bag demanding money. a sa
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at first, but he quickly got some confidence when he realized the robber had no idea what he was doing. >> usually they point the gun at you, right? i'm like whoa what is he doing? that is when i see the gun on the table. he is trying to rob me like this? [ laughter ] >> apparently this guy is not too smart. he acted as if he was opening the cash register, grabbing the gunpointing it back at the robber who said then he was only joking. police in atlantic city believe the suspect is responsible for a string of store robberies like this. well the business world spent much of the year on pins and needles, along the way there were scandals, mergers, a love affair with japanese monsters. jill wagner takes a look back at the biggest business stores ofwall street welcomed president elect donald trump with a stock market rally. in november the dow hit 19,000 for the first
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trump packed others to head the commerce department. after the election, the president elect negotiated a deal to save 800 factory jobs at the carrier air-conditioning company. carrier agreed to keep open their indianapolis factory, but plans to outsource hundreds of jobs. the unemployment rate ended the year at 4.6%, the lowest level in near lay decade. job gains cleared the way for the first rate hike in a year boosting their key interest rate by a quarter%. >> the ceo of wells fargo stepped down after a scandal over unethical banking practices. employees under pressure to meet ambitious sales goals opened as many as two million unauthorized accounts. >> fraud is fraud, theft is theft. >>
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note 7 went from a flagship to a failure after some phones caught fire. the company recalled millions of them and eventually discontinued the model. >> you'll fly back to their mansions. >> reporter: angry lawmakers confronted the pharmaceutical company that makes epipen. >> the actual juice you need costs about $1. >> reporter: the ceo promised to offer a cheaper price. >> our net sales will absolutely go down per pen. >> reporter: at&t and time warner agree today a $85 billion merger. microsoft will buy blinked in for $25 million. yahoo sale to verizon was in danger after revealing account information was stolen from more than a billion users. pokemon go became a global sensation. >> i wanted to fulfill my
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shattered download records and sent crowds on the hunt for piccachu. that's your eye. we do your under pieces. you know new year's eve will be eve very soon. the new year's eve ball was hoisted all the way up to the top. the ball features a new crystal design. it's called the gift of kindness symbolizing unity. the times square ball has been redesigned many times. i have never heard this before originally made of iron, wood, and 25 lightbulbs. a big difference. all right, we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. we're not going much further for the rest of the day. >> about a 20-degree temperature top there yesterday, even colder by this
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time on friday -- temperature on top there yesterday, even cooler by this time on friday. but it will be a pretty day with some sunshine. from our michael and son weather camera overlooking the capitol. we have temperatures in the 40s right now. the high temperatures this afternoon will go up another degree here in the city. it will be a couple of spots from manassas to fredericksburg, squeezing out a 50-degree temperature. 45 for frederick the high today and 44 in hagerstown. soak it up because tomorrow we'll start off the day with a weather alert. the primary time frame will be for your thursday morning and that means we will have a wet morning commute. we've been talking about the potential for a brief wintery mix in the far northern counties bordering near the mason/dixon line. those spots are not even looking at ground temperatures cold enough to see much in
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but nonetheless something we're keeping our eye closely on. let's take a look at the future cast. it will be the far northern zones starting at 2:00 a.m. tonight, especially alabama county out -- allegheny county. as we go into 11:00 tonight we are still dry. temperatures are in the 30s for your evening plans today. feeling crisp and chilly outside. 3:00 a.m. tomorrow we will start to see those rain showers entering from the west. you'll notice up to the north just a few spots that could see that brief wintery mix. as we go from there at 4:30 showers will be approaching the corridor for the first part of the early morning commute tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. rain is around, that rain will be steady for about an hour or two and then as we go from there closer to 9:00 a.m. we will be starting to see the bulk of the rain pulling east of their corridor and then behind that rain, we will see winds starting to pick up with some sunshine poking through the clouds as we go into noontime and the afternoon
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to see how that west wind is coming in. with that the temperatures are making it into the 30s. but after the sunsets on thursday, temperatures will tank and the winds will really pick up. we've got snow that is happening right around their alabama front. that snow really will add up good for ski slope action if you're going out there this weekend. but again it will be turning snow in those locations with some of the flurries making it into the metro area west of 95 by friday morning. all right, so your day planner on thursday, showers are around with that yellow weather alert for their morning hours and that brief mix will be possible. not in their metro area. these are the areas with the winter storm watch locally close to the mountains. they could see well above six inches of snow before things are all said and done and then it will turn a lot colder outside. feel-like temperature for friday. they will remain in the 20s. your actual temperatures will climb from the low 30s in the morning into the upper 30s to
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degree reading by friday afternoon where it will be a very cold finish to the workweek. the arctic blast is on their way. tomorrow some showers will be around and cold air arrives. windchills the 20s to the lower 30s for your friday. saturday 45, dry for the ball drop on saturday night and a shower chance will return on sunday.
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welcome back some rhode island residence are about to start the new year with more money in their pockets, significantly for some of them. that's because the first u.s. offshore wind farm is expected to reduce their electricity bills by as much as 60% in some cases. 600 turbines about 15 miles
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the island residents and businesses get their oil and gas delivered by ship. that is very expensive. especially for people like steve draper who runs one of the oldest businesses on the island. the 1661 resort. >> our bill last year was around $200,000. you try everything to cut your cost, but it's a major factory in doing business here. >> wind farms have been powering parts of europe for years, but here in the u.s. court battles stopped them over environmental effects, beach front views, all timing the efforts to get these projects done including one off nantucket. a final look at the forecast when we come back. a big nose dive is headed your way.
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coldest day of the week is? >> friday. >> looking forward to that. i'm mike hydeck,
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>> lily: please make sure that the timing with the catering is all on and that everyone comes out on time and the food comes out on time, just picking everything up. that'd be great. thank you. [ cellphone rings ] hi, lily ashby. yes, all of our guests are informed of the venue change. >> abby: oh, hey! >> chelsea: hi! >> abby: happy new year! >> chelsea: same to you. >> abby: ooh, is this the gown that you created for the auction? >> chelsea: mm-hmm. >> abby: do you think i could get a little sneak peek? >> chelsea: and ruin the surprise? no way. plus, you might want to bid on it later. >> abby: i might just do that. >> chelsea: uh, is there a place that i can hang it up? >> abby: of course, yes. follow me. >> chelsea: great. >> ashley: [ gasps ] >> neil: wow. look at this. it's beautiful. >> ashley: hard to believe that 24 hours ago, we couldn't even find a dive bar to host us. >> neil: the volunteers worked their butts off for th.


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